Unlike most companies, we have the know-how to add Lighting in many different custom configurations. We will be glad to discuss costs, benefits, and recommendations for the system that is exactly right for you. We don’t do “cookie-cutter” generic systems where one size fits (or often misfits) all. Think of us as a custom baker who will give you what you really want. Here are a variety of locations for your efficient lighting retrofits with a short list of benefits.

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Outdoor
  • Medical


  • Upgrade your existing fixtures or replace for an entirely new look
  • Adjust the Color Temperature and Brightness Level
  • Reduce glare and unnecessary uplighting


  • Highlight products and add focal points
  • Increase color rendering and perfect color temperatures
  • Reduce heat for more comfortable shopping


  • Increase or decrease lux on task areas
  • Consider Bi-Level Dimming and Motion Sensors to maximize savings
  • Explore driverless retrofit options to totally eliminate existing ballast failure points


  • Increase security and improve night exposure around buildings
  • Perfect light distribution in parking lots
  • Include Dark Sky Compliant and anti glare


  • Exam room color rendering and Brightness
  • Color changing options for operating rooms
  • Ambient lighting for patient care facilities

Some might say it’s because we are your trusted local business who provides the right solution best suited for your needs. Or that your economic payback is greater, personal consulting ensures the best design, and that our systems do a better job of keeping the world green.

But we think it’s because of our belief in great customer service. We start by listening to your needs, designing attractive options for you, and giving you the most expert and honest advice in the region. We aren’t some big national marketing/finance company, nor a lone contractor with one truck, nor a company that just started doing lighting three years ago. We aren’t out to make a quick buck. Our goal is to earn your trust and build a long term relationship, hopefully one that will inspire you to recommend us to your friends and neighbors.

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Who is lotus lighting

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Lotus Lighting designs and installs efficient lighting energy systems for both residential and commercial customers to help reduce or eliminate their electric bills by using high quality L.E.D alternatives. We are a close-knit team of installers, energy consultants, customer care specialists, and engineering staff.
We offer a broad range of lighting solutions, not just the easy stuff. Whether you need custom retail environment lighting retrofits, or an office redesign, or warehouse control fixtures to maximize savings, or an outdoor building lighting system, we can build a system that you will really love.
Lotus Lighting has been installing solar since 1993. With a strong focus on quality work and with thousands of satisfied clients, recognizing higher standards, training, and accountability.
We warrantee our work for years (And, all of our products carry a complete 5-10 year manufacturer warranty.) We are Central Hudson, NYSEG, and other electric utility company partners (so that you get the full amount of the lighting upgrade incentive you are due). We are well-staffed with NABCEP (the gold standard for solar certification) installers, two of whom are even NABCEP instructors. You can rest assured that our systems are designed and built for your peace of mind.

Only offering products with 3rd party certifications required by incentive administration.

Making sure you are provided with a focus of at least two options to best fit your design and financial needs.

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