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  • Most utility companies offer rebates as incentives to help you purchase high quality efficient lighting.
  • Lotus will help you discover the best rebate options to best suit your needs.
  • Lotus Energy, as experienced Trade Allies for over 3 Utility Companies in Upstate New York, will take care of all processing paperwork.


  • For any Out-Of-Pocket expenses most businesses qualify for financing.
  • With savings greater than monthly payments many enjoy all of the benefits of an efficient lighting upgrade without any increase in budget spending.
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  • On Bill Financing is offered with some utility companies for qualifying situations. On-Bill-Financing is a 0% interest monthly payment arrangement between you (the electricity account holder) and the utility company. This total project is usually broken down into 12 monthly payments
  • PACE Financing is offered to business owners in PACE Municipality districts to promote energy efficient upgrades with no-credit needed. This is a private low interest loan offered to cash flow positive situations to business property owners.
  • Private loans are offered to qualifying businesses. Low interest rates and cash flow positive plans are available. finance

Applying for a grant is a no commitment way to discover total project costs and return on investment

  • Lotus will begin the process with a complete energy survey of the existing lighting to discover areas where over 50% energy can be saved. While we are there we will also discuss lighting needs like more brightness or specific shades of white light best suited for retail, office, or assembly areas.
  • We will communicate the best incentives utility companies can offer in your area.
  • Processing your incentive application to the utility company will show the exact incentives available asking then for you to decide to commit to upgrading to efficient lighting and enjoy energy cost savings.


  • A typical Lighting upgrade saves 80% on energy costs
  • It may cost a small retail shop $3,000 to upgrade to experience a monthly savings of about $100
  • Total Project Cost = $3,000
  • Average Incentive = $1,800
  • Total Out-Of-Pocket Costs = $1,200
  • Return on Investment = 1 year

  • Simple Return On Investment = $13,800
  • (base on a 10 Year product lifespan)

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