Lotus Energy has proven its ability to handle complete project implementation in the most difficult and demanding situations in conjunction with various governments, NGO's and private sector organizations.
Following are some major projects Lotus Energy has implemented:











Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge  

This 7.5 KWp system in Nepal's Chitwan National Park was designed and installed for the Tiger Tops  Jungle Lodge by Lotus Energy.  The system consists of a 7.5 KWp array of Siemens Solar PV panels mounted on a rhinoceros-proof structure. The system supplies environmentally friendly power to five small bungalow type lodges and a number of larger community buildings such as the main dining call hall, offices and telecommunication.

To power the AC appliances, a Sine Wave Trace inverter is hooked to the solar system which converts DC power to AC.                                                 
Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge cares about the environment!

Jungle Lodge

PV modules on rhino-proof structure

Sine wave Trace inverter

Karnali Local Development Program


In order to run offices in remote regions of Nepal many types of organizations find it necessary to power up with Lotus Energy solar systems.  The KLDP systems are installed in some of the most remote regions in Nepal. So far we have installed solar systems in four places in the Karnali District: Humla, Mugu, Kalikot and Dolpa.

Solar modules under rugged climate

Solar Powered Water Pumping


This complete system supplies drinking water for more than 1000 villagers in the Terrai area of Nepal. The solar pump replaced an existing diesel pump, which broke down frequently when it wasn't throwing black clouds of smoke into the environment.  The villagers could not afford the recurring maintenance costs of the system nor the continuous diesel fuel supply. This program was sponsored by The Canadian Cooperative Organization, (CCO) and implemented by Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness and Lotus Energy.

Solar pump installation

Himalayan Lighting Gompa Project


In 1998 Lotus Energy implemented two solar lighting systems for Buddhist monasteries (Gompas in Tibetan) in the remote Helambu district of Nepal. Funds for 90% of the hard goods were made available by the Japanese consortium member of the Virtual Foundation and the rest of the funds and installation were supplied by the local Nepali villagers. Lotus Energy also provided substantial discounts for this community based project.
Each system consists of one 65W Siemens module, one 128 AH 12V Trojan battery, six high efficiency fluorescent lamps, mounting frame for mounting the module and all necessary accessories for the installation (including material for grounding). Now the Lamas (Gurus) and ordinary citizens who frequently visit the Gompas for (early morning and late evening) prayers have abundant light for reading the Buddhist Mantras. They are delighted that they don't have to be choked in smoke from kerosene lamps.                                                 
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The Beneficiaries

Solar Pumping Project in Jomsom


In July 1999 Lotus Energy implemented 1.6Kw solar water pumping project in Ghami, upper Mustang, one of the remote parts of Nepal. This project was completely funded by a Japanese organization which is registered as a non government organization called Mustang Development Service Association (MDSA). This pumping system is used for irrigation. 

Solar pump installation

Mustang Hospital Solar Electrification


The 1.2 KW PV array with a TRSW3024W solar power converter provides sufficient AC power for the hospital equipment, including a Sun Works Ultra Violet water purifier and lights in the hospital premises in Ghami, upper Mustang. This project was also funded by the MDSA.  

The Beneficiaries

Kadoorie Solar Pumpimg Project 


An INGO, which has funded the solar powered drinking water pumping project in Tallo Dip, Syangja in western Nepal. About 500 people are benefiting from this project.
Total head was divided into two stage, total six Dankoff piston pumps were used to raise the water to 125m high. To meet this head total of  2.4Kw array with manual sun tracking system was installed.

Manual sun tracking System

The Beneficiaries

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