Your local SunPower Elite dealer, offering:


The most efficient, longest lasting solar panels in the market: generate 40% - 50% more power AND use much less roof space than typical solar panels

The only true 25 year warranty in the industry: guarantees energy production, the product, and labor (including shipping) for 25 years

FREE online energy monitoring system – see how much solar is produced and how much electricity is consumed by your home daily on your smartphone, tablet, or web browser



Unique Products and Services

Sun-tracking solar poles from AllEarth – follows the sun for 45% more energy and the pole automatically dumps off snow.

Easy financing – purchase your own solar for HALF the cost of leases offered by national solar chains.

Purchasing solar increases the value of your home, reduces your taxes, provides you free solar electricity, and unlike leases, does not complicate selling your home later.

Smart Battery Backup system options- run your home “off-grid” from solar during a power outage or stay off-grid indefinitely!

Designer LED Lighting for your home or business - enhances your solar and energy savings